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The media relations Berlin megaphonePress Releases - Publich Relations Berlin - Distribution Lists & Professional Media Contacts:

For you, we write positive, success-oriented, exciting press releases and upon request, create a professional "press sweep" for you via our extensive press distribution list. We quickly work our way through complex situations and adapt our language and style to your requirements. We make sure that we stick to your "wording", that will most certainly get you undivided attention of your desired target audience.

We currently provide public relations in Berlin and beyond, for the following sectors:

  • Online & E-Commerce
  • Services
  • Tourism
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Pharma
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • Education & Retail (various products)
As part of our offer in relation to press activities, we maintain a high quality press distribution list with contacts to editorial offices, that has grown over a long period of time - ideal for a successful placement of press releases. Press work for us means placement and distribution - including the following publications:

    * Weekly and monthly magazines (Der Spiegel, Time, etc.)
    * Daily newspapers (Süddeutsche, Morning Post, etc.)
    * Business media (Financial Times, Mag Manager etc.)
    * Journals (Event Partner, CCI, steel & construction, etc.)
    * Online PR Internet Portals & Media

We contact all editors personally and generate interest through follow-ups. For us, successful public relations means establishing personal contact with the media and the individual editors.

We are able to provide current press releases on a budget, competently and reliable, as well as comprehensive reports.

We skillfully combine press work in Berlin with a successful claim, written by our copywriters here in Berlin - a neat wording is always worth a headline. We like to work, even on a very small budget - our free guide on how to create a professional press release, can be found here. Of course we happily accept your text for distribution and look forward to reading about you.

PR Agency Berlin - media relations!

Media Relations - Be published, with PR Agency Berlin

Media Relations Basic 89,00 €*

Press release including research of relevant topics:

* 1 Din-A4 page max.
* 3 re-runs
* Delivery of text including
rights of use

A professional press release for a low budget. You provide the topic, whereas we write and revise according to your wishes, distribution to the media is up to you.

* Prices include VAT at 19%.

Please order via e-mail:

89,00 €*

Media Relations Berlin Standard 200,00 €*

Press Release including research of relevant topics:

* 1 Din-A4 page max
* 5 re-runs
* Delivery of press release, including
rights of use
    * Distribution to 10 mediums of your choice

Our standard offer for press relations, because we want our texts to be read - preferrably by the press. Once you have approved the press release we have written for you, we contact 10 mediums of your choice via telephone and send your press release.

* Prices include VAT at 19%.

Please order via e-mail:
200,00 €*

media Relations Berlin Premium 300,00 €*

Press release including research into the subject:

* 1 Din-A4 page max
* 5 re-runs
* Delivery of text including rights of use
* Distribution to 15 mediums of your choice
* Announcement of
your press release via telephone
distribution follow-up
* 1 correction run after follow-up

* Prices include VAT at 19%

We facilitate the publishing of your press release for editors by doing a follow-up via telephone two days after distribution. We actively obtain feedback on your press release. If changes are required, we overwork the existing press release and distribute it once more.

PR Agency Berlin - press relations at the highest level.

Please order via e-mail:
300,00 €*