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PR Agency Berlin

PR Agentur Berlin

Welcome to the internet home of PR Agency Berlin

Public relations in the capital city has a name: 

PR Agency Berlin

As a professional agency for communications and public relations located in Berlin, we develop and carry out every possible type of PR project quickly, professionally and affordably.

  1. Fast and affordable preparation and submission of press releases (print & online)
  2. Press Relations & Media Relations – Full-Service
  3. PR Berlin – we’ll make you known, in Berlin and beyond.
  4. PR advising, comprehensive and free for new ventures.
  5. Advertising copy, copywriter, slogans and claims.
  6. Internet Marketing & Online PR
  7. Preparation of effective internet articles for any topic.
  8. Topic research, blogs, content & text for internet sites, corporate wording…


…all belong to the comprehensive offer which also includes quick and efficient preparation of current reports, company news, news and information from the most diverse fields and topic areas.

PR Agency Berlin advises mid-sized companies, start-ups and new ventures with an extensive service offer, comprehensive consultation and fresh and innovative ideas which are specially suited to our many clients in the industrial sector, the service industry and arts and culture.

Our references include the market-leading event supporter “”, the Berlin-based think-tank and idea factory “Berlintelligence” and many more.  We can provide references from your field upon request.

We have continually been able to provide an excellent price/performance ratio that other agencies in the field of PR cannot keep up with.  Along with professional writing and PR quality, prompt and transparent offers including a “buy-out option” are an important focus of our customer service.


Public Relations - for free

Public Relations - for freePublic Relations – for free!

Professional Public Relations at no charge – the perfect offer for new entrepreneurs and start-ups. Yet another innovative idea that the press and public relations professionals at PR Agency Berlin came up with. And without taking a breath, the idea was put into practice and the PR Agency Berlin is offering exactly that – free PR.

“Good ideas, products and services need good communication”, states Project Manager Norman Peetz.
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27.09.2008 in Computerbild

We are very pleased about the publication of our current Press Release for our client and would like to thank the editors at Computerbild ( the leading news mag for PC in Germany) for that.

The Press Release is in the current editions of the following magazines:

Computerbild, SFT, Tomorrow, PC Praxis, Die Welt and PC go. is an online platform on which users can register stolen mobile phones, GPS devices, cars and offer rewards for the safe return
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PR Agency Berlin Everything is so nice and clean here.

The PR Agency Berlin launches its new website of the same name

“We chose a straightforward concept and businesslike design for the site which emphasizes transparency and usability” stated Norman Peetz, Project Manager at the PR Agency Berlin. “The site simultaneously reflects our areas of expertise and our main activities: Press Relations, Public Relations, PR Berlin and Online PR offered with maximum swiftness, flexibility and fantastic price/performance
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