PR text

PR texts build the foundations for successful PR activity (Public Relations).

They convince customers and business partners in presentations, brochures, on websites and with multimedia. The PR-texters at PR Agency Berlin are your competent partners for Public Relations - let us convince you.

We offer:

PR articles for print media
Text templates for brochures, mailings, letters to clients, tailored to your target audience.

Content articles for online media (Internet)
Make sure you generate interest amongst potential future clients already on your website with a professional company profile, current news and a meaningful description of your services.

Revision of existing texts
We are happy to proofread texts that already exist, on the basis of current public relations standards.

Our PR text USPs:

Fast Copywriting
In general, we provide public relations texts within 3 business days.
Free re-runs
Our services include on-demand, up to 5 free re-runs in which we incorporate possible changes.
Excellent price / performance ratio
Please compare our conditions with those of other PR agencies - we will convince you with what we do.
Professional & journalistic understanding for text
Your texts are written by public relations professionals and experienced journalists.

We know how to reach your target audience successfully -
with texts by PR Agency Berlin.

PR Text - prices & services by PR Agency Berlin

PR text mailing incl. layout 250,00 €*

Effective PR text for client correspondence and mailings
Advise on cognitive perception methodology (how do people read through texts?)
Mailing including text and layout
(1 Din-A4 page, font size 10)

Inform your customers - preferably today - about new features and special offers. A thorough and professional mailing, including text and layout comes from PR Agency Berlin.
Our PR work is based on the latest findings in cognitive perception. This ensures that your message reaches its targets. Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

* All prices include VAT at 19%
250,00 €*

PR text brochure 300,00 €*

Text for a three-page flyer (DIN-A4 page folded twice)
For example: PR Agency Berlin brochure
Brochure text-draft
Two PR-text correction runs
Professional proofreading regarding spelling and grammar.
Brochure design on request (Plus 200,00 € Net)
Hand-over of the text or ready-to-print brochure, including all rights of use

We write informative, promoting and highly effective texts for brochures. According to your specifications, we create the text for your brochure and bind in your wording as well as requested changes in two free correction runs. Before handing the text over to you, a final editing and iproofreading is carried out, making sure the text is up-to-date in terms of spelling and grammar.

* All prices plus VAT @ 19%
** Plus, If desired, layout and typesetting of the brochure for € 200.00
300,00 €*

PR-text Power Point Presentation 250,00 €*