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Public Relations by PR Agency Berlin

„The PR Agency Berlin puts your company, your product and your service offer into the positive spotlight of public interest“ – and that is exactly what we consider successful public relations to be.

To reach your goals through successful PR measures, we offer the following services:

Press & Media Relations

Professional Media Relations consists of competently researched and journalistically written Press Releases as well as empirical knowledge of the classic editorial process.  Other very important factors are experience with the publishing process and personal contact with the respective editorial offices.

The PR Agency Berlin cooperates with professional journalists in all specialty areas which allows us to adapt promptly and innovatively to all assignments, topics and fields. Contact with each media, either in person or by telephone, is also par for the course like our follow-ups requesting constructive feedback from the editorial offices.

PR Agency Berlin – with us in the press!

PR Berlin (Public Relations Berlin)

Berlin is an extremely interesting market and offers some of the most unique opportunities and challenges in Germany.

Market entry and product launches in Berlin can be very lucrative if properly planned and implemented.  Due to the density of the media, the large number of prominent trendsetters in politics and business and especially in the “scene” in Berlin which is famous throughout Europe, getting attention in Berlin means demand for your product, service and company throughout Germany and beyond.

Market entry and product launches that meet their target must be professionally planned, carried out and 110% tailor-made for the Berlin market.

With the performance package “PR Berlin”, the PR Agency Berlin provides you with a unique service spectrum.
Included in this highly effective mix of public relations are classic public relations services such as Media Relations with the right media, press conferences in atmospheric locations, Online PR in our Berlin network as well as “below the line” public relations which we carry out with the help of our “Event Management Berlin” division.  This includes classic PR and more unique and modern forms such as “Guerrilla PR”.

Through a specialized public relations strategy which is targeted at specific groups and captures the spirit of the age in Berlin, “PR Berlin” ensures a successful market entry or product launch for your company.

Online PR – Public Relations on the Internet

First impressions are decisive.
Today, it is more and more common for first contact between consumers and businesses (C2B = Customer to Business) and one from business to another (B2B = Business to Business) to take place on the internet.  For a company to be successful in this environment, professional Online PR is absolutely indispensible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role in this contact.  On the one hand, the typical search for products and services now takes place online with the help of search engines such as Google and Yahoo.  On the other hand, people interested in the companies themselves, e.g. potential job applicants, will usually research the company online before making personal contact and can use these search engines to find out valuable information.  The term “to google” is now a popular synonym for these searches and the verb is now included in the most recent editions of the Oxford Dictionary and the Webster’s Dictionary.

Professional Online PR, competent and ethical (all other means are rigorously penalized by search engines), is an absolute necessity for complete success.

We are Online PR professionals and support you with professional Internet articles, interesting Newsletters, constant updates of your online offers through new and add-ons as well as Search Engine Optimization and revision of your already existing internet sites.

The terms for our “Online PR” are also appropriate for small companies.  Projects which PR Agency Berlin has assisted with such as or have achieved great listings on Google, Yahoo etc. despite having much competition for the crucial search words and keywords and over 2 million competitors on the internet.

We can take care of your Online Public Relations and Online Marketing pragmatically, successfully and comprehensibly.

Event Management Berlin

Berlin is the ideal city for industry events, exhibitions, congresses and conferences.  The infrastructure is excellent and the recent history and the current scene offer so many possibilities for staging a unique and memorable event including the brilliant nightlife.

Prices for hotels, venues in Berlin and services remain on a level that no other European capital or other large city in Germany can offer.

Together with New York and London, Berlin is high up on the list of places to be for international trendsetters and tourists.

It is truly worth it to have “Event Management Berlin” – a division of PR Agency Berlin – creatively plan and implement your event in Berlin.

The services offered in our “Event Management Berlin” package range from the complete planning and implementation of events, exhibition performances, congresses and conferences in Berlin – supported by effective classic public relations – to individual services e.g. scouting for atmospheric event locations in Berlin, local support from Promotional Staff, Technical Direction and Planning as well as organizing the side program.

The Event Agency Berlin is also pleased to offer these services to your event agency and promises complete confidentiality and loyalty.
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it is always interesting to see what the big PR agencies in Berlin are up to.

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The magazine “Werben&Verkaufen” along with “Horizont” is one of the most important trade publications in our field.


Another opportunity to compare our PR Agency Berlin services with those of our competitors – we look forward to it!
A directory of public relations agencies in Berlin.

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The “Foreign Press Club in Berlin” – always very helpful when it has to do with successful press relations and placement of press releases in foreign publications.

  1. Public Relations Studies

Another interesting link to info about public relations studies – in this case from the FH Hannover.  A few of our staff studied there.

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  1. Smarte Werbung – a clear and attractive online directory