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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization - SEO - search engine marketing

The findability of your websites by search engines has now become absolutely necessary with the ever increasing use of Google, Yahoo and MSN for research purposes and business initiation.

The websites with which we work for the purposes of search engine optimization are all very well positioned for the important search engines and for the important keywords relating to the target group - and are often indeed to be found in first place.

We are happy to provide a reference list of the websites which we have optimised for search engines on request.

In the field of search engine optimisation we offer the following extremely efficient and comprehensible SEO (search engine optimisation):

1. Website analysis
Where does your website stand in the bigger search engines, how many visitors do you get per day - what needs to be changed?

2. Targeting
We find out for you the correct and most important keywords or key phrases which your target group uses to find the services that you offer (e.g. Car rental Berlin). To allow for Google's absolute market leadership we use a Google algorithm.
This allows us to find out how often certain keywords are used each month.

For example:
"Car rental Berlin" 27,100 search requests in Google for the month of September.

Together with you we then find the 3 most important keywords and key phrases and include these in the search engine optimisation and search engine marketing of your website.

3. Search engine marketing
Sustainable and ethically correct search engine optimisation - and we don't employ other measures - take time.
Thus we recommend to our clients above all to begin search engine marketing (SEM) in parallel with search engine optimization.
In this field we work mainly with "Google Adwords" and the program "Yahoo Sponsored Search" that offer good results even for small budgets, from 7€ per day, especially in terms of an increase of visitors to the site.

4. "Content is King"
The most important thing for good positioning in the search engines and therefore for successful search engine optimization is meaningful, interesting and effective content, such as Internet  texts, pictures, documents, videostreams and multimedia files, that we would be happy to produce for you and to incorporate into your website and to optimise for search engines. In our opinion this also has an effect with the Google Adwords program as we find that with the right keywords, interesting content is better and more effectively listed.

5. Checking of your website
Almost as important for your website as content and Internet texts is that your programming is also optimised for the search engines. Not only the proofing and search engine optimization of the so-called Meta text of your website is of concern here, but also that of your HTML and CSS codes. This should have as few mistakes as possible. You can check your website very simply and without charge with the W3C validator:

6. Linking
Links to your website - and from the right neighbourhood - are as important as having links from your site to other interesting theme-specific sites. This includes also the common social bookmark systems. The PR Agency Berlin carries out search engine optimization in all fields and areas of interest. Thus we have a very good network and can professionally and sustainably create useful backlinks.

7. Optimisation of the visibility of your Internet site
We optimise not for search engines, but for those who are searching. The more visible your website is for search engines, in forums and in blogs, the more visitors your website will attract and the more your services will come to be known.

Successful search engine optimization doesn't end with the basic optimisation of a website, but involves constant updating, that we would be happy to undertake for you - we would be happy to incorporate all measures that we include in our general optimisation for search engines, so that after the basic optimisation of the site it can then carry on being independently optimised without a great deal of effort.


Website analysis incl. "to-dos" 50,00 €*

  • Comprehensive analysis of your website
  • Demonstration of simple and effective possibilities for search engine optimisation
  • Incl. comparing your website with the Top 10 websites

Is your website search engine optimised? How is your position on the bigger search engines for the most important keywords? Which simple measures could you take to optimise your website?

The answers to these questions (and plenty of other information) are offered by the analysis of your website by the PR Agency Berlin. An example of this can be found here.

*Prices are naturally plus the present statutory 19% VAT.

Order comprehensive website analysis

SEO visibility 200,00€* **

  • Comprehensive website analysis
  • Optimization of visibility in the search results of the most important search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Incl. development of 10 backlinks from texts and forum entries

We will make you and your website the talk of the town online. Write effective Internet texts, place these in forums, portals and communities and place backlinks on your page. From this your website will end up receiving more visitors and the search engines will give more results for your site.

In this packet are 20 results in which we guarantee 10 additional search results for your website when these are searched for through Google.

The optimization of the visibility of your website is an excellent foundation for search engine optimisation in terms of ranking and should ideally be carried out as often as possible. Experience tells us that 10 new results per month constitute a good step forward - but even a one-time optimisation can often bring extremely good results.

*Prices are naturally plus the present statutory 19% VAT.

Order search engine optimisation visibility

SEO "on site content" 260,00 €* **

  • Comprehensive website analysis
  • Search engine optimisation of the content of your website
  • Content optimisation of all pictures, documents, multimedia files and texts of your website
  • Definition of 5 keywords and key phrases by on the basis of the Google algorithm.
  • Development of internal and external link structure
  • Adjustment of keyword density in the employed texts

"Content is King" - that's the guiding principle of successful search engine optimisation. The PR Agency Berlin goes a step further with this - "Optimised Content is King" - as not only the content of your website has to be interesting and current to your target group, also the optimal alignment and conception for the search engines is a very important factor. Only in this way can you reach the best possible position in Google Ranking with your website.

We check and optimise the content of your website, including all data that you would find in your site: Texts, pictures, videos, PDF documents etc.


*Prices are naturally plus the present statutory 19% VAT.

**This offer is restricted to a website with a maximum of 10 subpages, max. 5 DIN A4 pages of text and max. 30 individual files (pictures, videos, documents etc.)

Order search engine optimisation OnSite Content

SEO OffPage Factors 50,00 €*

  • Comprehensive website analysis
  • Optimisation of the HTML code of the index page on the basis of the W3C Validator standard
  • Search engine optimization of the Meta entries "Keywords" and "Descriptions"
  • Development of 20 backlinks

Flawless code and search engine optimized Meta text, that is buried in the source code of your internet site together with the development of a backlink structure (links from other websites to your site), constitute an important foundation for search engine optimization - that we would be happy to carry out for you, on short notice and with a great deal of experience.

*Prices are naturally plus the present statutory 19% VAT

**This offer is restricted to a website with a maximum of 10 subpages

Order search engine optimisation OffPage Factors




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