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PR Berlin
Public Relations - PR work - PR Berlin

Does your company, your services, your product need publicity in Berlin and beyond?

To keep the expert audience, target audience and the media talking about you is often more effective than a big, cost-intensive advertising campaign.
Sustainability, word-of-mouth promotion, setting trends, sharing information and a good response is what we do best - PR Berlin.

PR Berlin - Your Partner for Public Relations in Berlin:

  • We will make you known in Berlin - and beyond
  • We keep people talking about you ? amongst the Berlin scene, the media and in the press
  • We create a BUZZ and attention amongst your target audience for you on the Internet, in portals and Berlin-based platforms.

We realise this and much more for example through our PR-Berlin package, which is specifically tailored to the capital by people who know berlin better than anything else. 

  • Scene propaganda in Berlin
Through rough texts, skillful worded slogans and urban style, we appeal to opinion leaders and trend-setters

  • Press releases tailored to Berlin
Your target audience lives in Berlin, reads Zitty, Tip, Kurier or Mopo ...?
We publish on your behalf within these mediums.

  • Thematic research
We know what makes and shakes Berlin, and derive our PR strategy from that for you. Successful and competent PR in Berlin comes from us.

In Berlin, "dufte" means ?awesome?. Dufte public relations in Berlin means to us:

  • PR Berlin - Startup (Free):
Our initial consultation is intended for founders and startups in need of attention in Berlin. We offer this package free of charge.
As part of the consultation, we show you what we can do for you and for your company in regards to Berlin Public Relations. Together, we analyze your audience and choose basic funding for addressing the public.

  • PR Berlin all incl:
We take care of your Public Relations in Berlin and in Germany. Every 10 days we?ll update your customers and target audiences with tailor-made press work. We provide you with a long-term PR strategy and place the press releases we've created for you in the media of your choice. Contacting editors for follow-ups either personally or via telephone ensures that we get feedback on your current release, we will also work in changes, if required.

  • PR Berlin - individual:
Our copywriters in Berlin create texts and slogans that inspire and delight not only Berliners, but also tourists and Hipsters - that's PR Berlin and our daily business.

We look forward to your request!

PR Agentur Berlin - Eventelligence ltd.
110PRO ltd.
PR Büro III: Bossestrasse 10
10245 Berlin

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