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Do good things and talk about them, be innovative and up-to-date - we write about you and for you: Professional press releases that reach their targets
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PR Agency Berlin: press releases
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Professionally prepared press releases, with an ear on the pulse of the media world and direct personal contacts to editorial offices. These are the foundations for successful work, as carried out by PR and Press Agency Berlin:

Professional press releases at excellent conditions
Please compare our cost / performance ratio with that of our competitors

Buy Out
Once the project has been completed, we will transfer all rights of use over to you

Thematic research
What motivates your customers, your target audience, today and tomorrow.

Press releases of topical interest
You'll need your press release tomorrow? No problem!
In regards to our entrusted projects, we have been researching topics and issues for the past 10 years. We make sure that all research is relevant for the according
industries and target audiences.

Using these attention-grabbing topics as 'eye catchers', we write up press releases that are positively received and accepted by editorial ofices, furthermore, they meet the current media-focus and interest.

Continuous personal and telephonic contact in connection with our feeling for future topics, allows us to write press releases at short notice, which will already be available for the press and media the following day,  creating much interest amongst the general public.

Which topic is currently en-vogue?
How can we tie this in with an intelligent press release?
How does it lead our clients to success?

Answering these questions is the starting point for our editorial team before the realisation of each press release, which we always create individually and based on excellent research.

We help you with these answers completely free of charge - and of course, we look forward to working with you!

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